Some of the fabulous clients we have been fortunate to have recorded
DDM - "He Say, She Say"
Joy Postell - "Water"
AXIXA - "Care to Admit"
Ernesto J. Ponce - "So High, So Low"
Spirit Parade - "Never Crossed My Mind"
Mateyo - "Anila"

Other artists/bands we have worked with include: Art Spencer, COFR, Crystal Thomas, Fake Flowers Real Dirt, Hunter Hooligan, Medicine Man, Norm Hogeland, Kelly Bell, Ony Vega, Quinton Randall, Rob Dubprey (Iggy Pop), The Divebombs, The Noise, Tony Cannon, Undisclosed Podcast, The Upstarters, & more.  

Tonnia - "Lovestruck
The Dirty Grass Players - "Better Off"
To The Moon - "Blood Orange"
Nnadagi Isa